December 29, 2010


The holiday season always filled with hope. Year after year there seems to be a window of time where people are willing to extend themselves in ways they are not any other time of the year. We think about people who don't have enough to eat, who don't have clothing or shelter and we do something outside ourselves to help our fellow man. That is not to say that there are not those of us who don't do these things all year round, but the kindness seems to creep and spread among us during the holiday season. What would happen if we were able to continue this spirit of kindness and giving to one another throughout the year? I know it sounds so simplistic and silly - but what kind of change in the world would happen if we could practice little acts of kindness towards one another 'just because'?

There is a consciousness that is swelling among human beings right now makes this an exciting time to be on the planet. We are starting to understand our fundamental interconnectedness - the fact that we have to connect our own well being with that of others or our happiness is temporary and artificial. There are a number of websites out there encouraging communities of people to practice gratitude and kindness as a daily act. I'm going to explore a few and report back on the best of these (in my opinion). 
My overarching intention for the coming year is to practice more thoughtful kindness - lovingkindness, if you will.

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